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About Baehl Partnerships

Baehl Partnerships has been designed especially for companies that wish to intensify their open innovation strategy to maintain and and strengthen market leadership, reduce time to market associated with the commercialisation of new deals and comprehensively improve their margins through better sharing of development costs and marketing.

We accompany our clients in exploring innovative targets in France and abroad. Through various support packages, we search for the best collaboration opportunities in your market through the search for specific skill sets, technologies and/or startups with high potential. We also support you in the ranking of best targets for you, and accompany you in establishing successful partnerships.

Strong Partnerships. Excellent Results.

There are millions of scientists, engineers, labs, start-ups, mid-sized and other companies globally. Collaborate with them, and change the way you bring products and services to the market.

Mutually Beneficial Collaborations

Baehl Innovation offers access to a comprehensive system of true open innovation to its commercial clients and TTOs. And our Baehl Business Hub virtual accelerator also offers a personalised and innovative relay to support your development projects by offering quick access to the TTO network in key universities across France, Europe and North America.

Open innovation partnerships can take many forms, depending on the needs of your business or lab. Baehl Innovation has experience helping organisations such as yours to form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Open Innovation Drivers

Technology Partnerships 96%
Commercial Partnerships 98%
Expansion Opportunities 92%
Special Skills & Reduced Development Costs 97%

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