The entire Baehl Innovation team is very happy to announce the upcoming launch of the Baehl Business Hub in September 2016.

The Baehl Business Hub is a revolutionary way for companies with technological opportunities/needs, to connect with the very labs, developers, and technology transfer offices who develop those technologies, or have patents for them already.

All that’s needed is a simple, efficient way to connect, and the Baehl Business Hub has been developed exclusively to meet this need. The hub is a highly confidential system, which enables you to search by industry and market, and best of all, viewing is absolutely free. For those who require more personalised and specialised support, Baehl Innovation offers membership packages which include discounted consulting hours, as well as the opportunity to be part of a featured campaign.

“The Baehl Business Hub is a tool for designing a new economy, changing how companies bring new technologies and products to market. It accelerates product launch while valorising key technologies in a bigger marketplace, helping companies emerge as world leaders.” – Emmanuel Grillot CEO, Baehl Innovation

More information on the Baehl Business Hub is available on our website, or by contacting a member of our team directly.

The Baehl Business Hub: