Case Studies & Insights

Strategy, growth & innovation

One of our clients, a leading French dermo-cosmetic company, wanted to learn how digital technologies were transforming the innovative field of oral health by creating new models and how this would impact medical practices in the near future.

Our team carried out an in-depth panorama of key technologies in late development and on the market via different sources, including specialized oral health journals, scientific databases, patents, press releases from selected innovative players and more. We coupled this information with targeted market expert interviews. We explored the market landscape, its medical applications and usages, mapped out which digital technologies and smart solutions were in late development or already commercialised in the oral care market and benchmarked innovative medical companies that were developing key digital solutions in Europe, North America and Japan. Finally, we assessed how digital health technologies were impacting the patient and consumer experience and how this would lead to the creation of new usages and changing medical practices on the value chain.

Benchmarking study involving mapping of translational research practices and approaches in the space of biologics and therapeutic antibodies in order to successfully drive the open innovation strategy of a leading Swiss-based pharmaceutical company.

In this project, after a detailed assessment of hotspots and biotech clusters in Asia, Europe and North America, Baehl Innovation identified, qualified and ranked the best open innovation approaches carried out by early-stage biotech companies developing new generation biologics and therapeutic proteins and used them as a basis to build an adapted innovation strategy during a workshop with our client.

Baehl Innovation was engaged to support a French bio-park and its leading partner, a blood transfusion organization, though an initial strategic positioning study. This study was followed by active business development campaigns in anticipation of the commercial launch of a unique infrastructure allocated to the development of new products in the fields of medical devices and biotherapy, with a core expertise in blood-based innovations.

Our team analysed the practices of bioincubators considered to be the most innovative in Europe and explored their strategies, business models, resources and partnerships. Especially those supporting the transition of multidisciplinary projects (such as engineering sciences, life sciences, microtechnology and others) from late research to the clinical world. The results of our study facilitated the decision-making regarding the model of this future bio-accelerator and secured market implementation by bringing in leading blood-based market players and medical start-ups as the first tenants.

Market-entry & commercialisation strategies

A leading French pharmaceutical player, asked for our support in preparing the launch of their new portfolio of biotherapy products allocated to the diagnostic and treatment of knee pathologies and/or trauma in Europe. 

By mapping out the patient value chain and its fast-moving market landscape, exploring clinical acceptance amongst a selection of medical experts and key clinicians while assessing business opportunities with key distribution players involved in the purchase and integration of biotherapy solutions in five European countries, Baehl Innovation has enabled its client to clarify its market organisation, develop a strong go-to-market strategy with key players (clinicians and business players) and train the sales and marketing teams for each of their targeted European countries (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Poland and the UK). 

In this project, we supported a leading European-based wound care and dressing manufacturer in preparing the clinical development of an innovative portfolio of digital-based dressing products for Europe and the USA. 

Our team of scientists, strategists and medical doctors explored clinical acceptance and medical merits amongst a selection of experts, key clinicians and caregivers, while assessing their willingness to use the new product on selected indications within three European countries (UK, Germany and France) and the USA. We confirmed strategic positioning of the technology in regards to the competition and aligned the existing portfolio of our client while securing future investment to move the product through to the clinical stage.

For this UK-based biotechnology company, Baehl Innovation evaluated the market share for two in-vitro cell-based assays while providing strategic guidance and action plans for future business development strategies toward European, Japanese and North American clients. 

Our team of scientists, strategists and market specialists investigated a list of current applications as well as adjacent segment areas within the in-vitro cell-based assay market segments. Through a combination of interviews with key industry figures and KOLs, combined with in-house analysis using market size models, the Baehl Innovation team assessed the current and future market size, value, structure, competitive environment and trends for our client in its key market segments. We helped the company to prioritize the applications valued most by customers, guide its future global business development strategy, and secure its next funding round and growth. 

Our Canada-based client and its exclusive pharmaceutical distributor in the EU wanted to intensify the launch of a new medical device enabling healthcare professionals to accurately assess patient’s knees in 3D while the patient was moving and weight-bearing.  

In this context, our team of medtech explorers engaged clinical sites inclined to trial the therapy measuring 3D bio-mechanical injuries related to knee pathologies and/or trauma in the field of osteoarthritis and sports medicine across France and the UK. In order to secure future success and initiate sales amongst first customers, Baehl Innovation also explored the reimbursement landscape as well as the barriers and drivers associated with the possible use of our client’s medical technology for determining the most appropriate patient care and restoring optimal knee function. Our team challenged the related value proposition and came up with operational recommendations, including procedures & billing codes. 

Baehl Innovation was hired by a US-based medical device company to conduct a commercial assessment of a new generation microcurrent-generating antimicrobial dressing for the wound and incisional care markets, with a goal of maximizing portfolio value through the opportunity to sign a pan-European strategic agreement.

Following our product assessment, we identified and proposed a go-to-market strategy that would provide significant incremental value to the client, based on the most valuable applications selected in the wound care market. Our recommendations were adopted successfully, which led to a second exploration of market opportunities amongst an audience of global medical device companies with a strong presence in the European advanced wound care market.

After assessing market needs, commercial capabilities and level of interest for our client’s technology, a shortlist of successful players was made and some of these were then engaged through a defined process of strategic steps, involving NDAs and a first framework of possible strategic agreement.

Clinical innovation

In the context of the early development of a first-in-class small molecule for the personalized treatment of uveal melanoma and related neovascular complications, a European biopharmaceutical company, engaged Baehl Innovation to map a preselection of KOLs according to their scope of influence in the targeted field and their degree of interest for the new drug candidate. 

Our team of scientists and medical doctors reviewed internal/external databases to qualify KOLs, assess their number of publications, quality of journals, speaking engagements at conferences and other factors to determine influence in the field. We also recruited and initiated early consultations with the selected key clinicians in Europe and assessed time-to-market for the demonstration of the preclinical and clinical profile of their new candidate.

Baehl Innovation was engaged by a Swiss-based client who was developing a potential first-in-class small molecule against new therapeutic indications to accelerate its program transition from promising preclinical results to further clinical stages. 

Our team of scientists and medical doctors initiated early consultations with key clinicians in Europe and North America in the context of preparing first in human studies and patient positioning.

We explored clinical challenges for our client’s new therapeutic programs in compliance with valuable input in terms of scientific rationale, mechanistic validation, non-clinical and clinical key success factors, including acceptable mode of administrations and patient regimens. We built clinical advisory boards and ran many multi-stakeholder seminars and conferences to clarify product patient positioning and advised on the future design of the clinical study.

Our client wanted support in accelerating the commercial deployment of its viscosupplementation products for the treatment of osteoarthritis amongst an audience of orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, interventional radiologists and sports doctors in France, the UK and Germany. 

For this project our team of medtech explorers secured the clinical adoption of this therapy in the target market and conducted on-site lists to support the therapy demonstrations with an audience of knee surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and sports medicine doctors and submitted evaluation agreements with potential first clinical sites to establish key partnerships and secure first sales. 

Market Launch

Baehl Innovation was engaged by a small (pre-commercial) biotech company to provide key business development support and accelerate commercial deployment of AI-driven software designed to reduce the risks and duration associated with antibody discovery. 

We responded to the company’s urgent request for assistance by deploying a team of senior biotech explorers across major European countries, especially targeting the UK, Switzerland, Germany and France. The Baehl Innovation team supported the client in all meeting preparation activities, in collaboration with their team of computational scientists and biologists and approached C-level executives at biotech and pharmaceutical companies (Chief Science/Scientific Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Head of Research or Discovery Departments) in order to gather their views on the use of AI-driven technologies for antibody discovery. After assessing their level of interest in our client’s software platform, we engaged some of those innovative players through NDAs, personalized proposals and first sales.

Our US-based client had received its CE mark approving its intense therapeutic ultrasound device in the EU. Our job was to intensify and expand the launch and deployment of its commercial activities across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, all considered as key regions in the EU zone.

Baehl Innovation responded to the company’s urgent request for assistance by deploying a team of senior medtech explorers in those countries to secure market penetration through shortlisting and engaging clinical sites inclined to trial the therapy and recruit patients for it. We organised and conducted on-site visits to support the device demonstrations with an audience of physicians and doctors specialising in the treatment of a variety of injuries/chronic pain, including foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine doctors and traumatology specialists. Our team submitted equipment loans and evaluation agreements to potential first customers in order to establish key partnerships and secure first sales.