Strategy, growth & innovation.

Baehl Innovation leverages the value of your innovation strategy from an early-stage by bringing our knowledge, creativity, and combined capabilities to achieve success in the increasingly complex life sciences environment.

(Key services)

We discover new product and portfolio opportunities by exploring new markets and territories.

We create a panorama of innovation areas in a specific market/field and bring you clear, timely and actionable insights in order to better define and secure your innovation pathway in partnership with decision makers, clinicians, influencers and potential business players.

We maximise the value of your assets and portfolios by generating market landscape insights, clarifying your strategic options and gauging market drivers and perceived value proposition of a product or asset in the marketplace. We perspectively analyse the reality of market needs and the main current or emerging applications that could be addressed, in order of priority, and validate the competitive position of the new offer or business model. We evaluate new opportunities that the competition will find difficult to emulate through a combination of extensive publication research as well as targeted interviews with key market leaders, clinicians, payers and stakeholders.

If you want to launch or support open innovation initiatives, we can help you expand your innovation process and explore targets in France and abroad. We provide support in a variety of activities, including launching bio-incubators, assessing and launching scouting initiatives or selling new technologies and innovative solutions to an existing portfolio or business.

We explore the best collaboration opportunities in your market through the search for specific skill sets, technologies and/or start-ups with high potential and accompany you in ranking selected targets and establishing successful partnerships.

Our Clients and Partners

We are proud of our clients and partners, and only work with the very best.