Market-entry services.

Baehl Innovation maximises individual assets by preparing your business for expansion with companies approaching the final stages of clinical development and facing a range of strategic options for product commercialisation.

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Our market-entry experts work with your team to develop a granular view of the market, select a strategy setting goal, and to prepare your business for expansion. 

We help you to navigate the competitive landscape by delivering value and connecting you with the right clinicians, patients, payers and healthcare providers. We explore further development opportunities with potential business partners, and tailor the required marketing-mix to prepare for and execute an effective launch.

We explore clinical acceptance and medical merits at an early stage amongst a selection of experts, clinicians, caregivers and payers. Our team challenges value (cost-benefit consideration), and willingness to use a new product or service for specific indications or scenarios.

Baehl Innovation assesses sensitivity to price changes depending on the anticipated benefit/cost savings that your technology or medical solution may bring, and we tailor the required marketing-mix to prepare for and execute an effective launch.

Thanks to our strong marketing and commercial background, as well as our proven knowledge in launching new medical businesses from scratch, Baehl Innovation’s experienced team has the ability to promote to both clinical and economic decision-makers, especially with complex innovative solutions where success relies on the capability to create the market, promote products without reimbursement and engage over time with clinical sites and clinicians.

We work with our life science and medtech clients to develop market-entry and commercial strategies that will bring a larger role in the value chain, getting you closer to clinicians, patients, payers and healthcare providers.

We analyse regulatory developments and offer actionable market access strategies to determine the best go-to-market options for your success.

Baehl Innovation supports its life science and medtech clients in the strategic, marketing preparation, and operational execution for new product launches in European life science related markets.

After assessing market needs, commercial capabilities and level of interest in targeted players for our clients’ new products or technologies, our team of experienced consultants engage potential business partners through a defined process of strategic steps, involving NDAs and a first framework of possible strategic agreement.

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Our Clients and Partners

We are proud of our clients and partners, and only work with the very best.