Experience matters.

Baehl Innovation is 100% healthcare focused and our team is comprised of top life science and medical professionals with decades of industry experience. We are strategists, market experts, doctors and scientists who come together provide strategic consulting and commercial support for mid-sized companies and high value start-ups.

We work like true partners across all fields of the life sciences industry.

Meet The Team

Our network of consultants is at the heart of our business, and in addition to our team of core consultants introduced here, we are able to source other senior, talented professionals tailored to your specific market and project.

Emmanuel Grillot

Founder and CEO

Emmanuel is devoted to helping our clients bring greater collaboration, innovation, strategic value and an entrepreneur mindset to prepare new products and business for expansion and exploration in the healthcare and life science fields.

Dr. Jeanne-Françoise Williamson, PhD

Life Sciences & Innovation Leader

Jeanne-Françoise leads our strategic innovation business unit and manages our UK team. She supports and advises our life science clients from lab to market.

Dr. Enca Martin-Rendon, PhD

Life Sciences & Innovation Consultant

Enca ensures Baehl Innovation delivers on the scientific and technological components for our biotech and pharma clients. She uses her scientific expertise to translate the science into executable strategies and road maps.

Dr. Raphael Tan, MD

MedTech & Clinical Innovation Consultant

Raphael ensures Baehl Innovation delivers on the clinical components for our medtech clients. He uses his medical expertise to explore clinical needs at an early stage and translate that into roadmaps and strategies.

Christophe Chartier

Go-to-Market Consultant

Christophe covers the preparation, launch and execution of new medical innovations for the French market.

Paul Scott

Go-to-Market Consultant

Paul covers the preparation, launch and execution of new medical innovations for the British, Scottish, Irish and Northern Irish markets.

Our Clients and Partners

We are proud of our clients and partners, and only work with the very best.