Clinical innovation.

Clinicians are crucial to the development of new medical technologies and therapeutic candidates. They can help ensure that innovations are designed to meet defined clinical needs from an early stage.

Baehl Innovation works with clinicians at every stage of the innovation pathway and are continually looking at ways to make that engagement as efficient  and as effective as possible. This approach means we can develop viable business cases, which speeds up interactions with clinicians and also helps innovators to have tailored guidance on key success factors related to their clinical positioning and target product profile.

(Key services)

If you need to work with experts in a new field or identify rising stars, we can help.

Our team has years of experience in identifying experts and will work closely with you to establish criteria specific to your medical innovations or new therapeutics. We have a vast network and are very well connected to several hundred clinicians and market experts across North America, Europe and the UK, including co-authors of last consensus, board members of Task Force groups and also those in key positions in International and European societies.

There is a dilemma between not choosing an indication too early, but also not too late. Fine tuning your target product profile at an early stage, especially with clear insights on clinical acceptance is a straightforward way to secure your upcoming development roadmap.

Our process includes qualitative interviews with clinicians to articulate preclinical and clinical needs, as well as to show our client where fresh solutions are needed to improve patient care. We facilitate these discussions through the organization of workshops between our client and selected clinicians to ensure that all challenges are explored as fully as possible, at all stages of development.

The establishment of strong relationships with clinicians is usually required to stimulate new clinical approaches and anticipates any challenges that you light face during market launch.

Our clinical experts work with your team developing successful partnerships with international Key Opinion Leader physicians for your scientific advisory board or to select potential sites to be included in first-in-man, feasibility and CE mark studies.

Our Clients and Partners

We are proud of our clients and partners, and only work with the very best.